Mishi Choudhary Associates

MCA OpenChain India Working Group Meetup

MCA along with the OpenChain Project is organizing the MCA OpenChain India Working Group Meetup on 20th August, 2020 (Thursday) between 5:30 pm - 6:50 pm (IST). The meetup would include sessions and discussions on Open Source Compliance and services being provided by the OpenChain Project. It would also include a discussion on the various open source tools for open source compliance which are being adopted by companies. This is an excellent opportunity for exchange of ideas on the challenges which are being faced by the open source community in India.

OpenChain Project is a project of the Linux Foundation and a community effort to establish common best practices for effective management of open source software and compliance with open source licenses. The project aims to help reduce costs, duplication of effort, and ease friction points in the software supply.

The event would involve participation from open source enthusiasts, technology companies which are building or using open source software and entities which are interested in exploring and learning more about OpenChain and open source compliance.