Mishi Choudhary Associates

Mishi Choudhary & Associates LLP announces partnership with OpenChain Project

April 17, 2019, OpenChain Project announced Mishi Choudhary & Associates LLP as its first law firm partner in India. MCA would now be providing legal advice about OpenChain Conformance and other OpenChain matters. OpenChain Conformance allows companies of all sizes and in all sectors to meet the OpenChain Specification. This builds trust between organizations in the supply chain. It makes procurement easier for purchasers and preferred status easier for suppliers.

OpenChain Project is one of the Linux Foundation Projects, which identifies key recommended processes for effective open source management. It is centred on managing enterprise compliance in open source supply chains. The project is described as “a community effort to establish best practices for effective management of open source software compliance”1.More information on OpenChain Project is available on their website at: https://www.openchainproject.org

We welcome this partnership and look forward to working with together.