Mishi Choudhary Associates

Areas of Practice


Clients across the technology product and services spectrum , ranging from large multi-nationals to young, agile start-ups, rely on the highly sophisticated counsel of our lawyers on complex matters at the intersection of law, technology and business.We counsel on the bigger picture while paying special attention to details. Our lawyers draw on their global experience and local expertise to advise businesses and institutions in their long term goals.

  • Software Licensing
  • Free and Open Source Software:
    audit, compliance, transactions and disputes resolution
  • Non-profits
  • Data protection
  • Right to Privacy
  • Safe Harbor and Intermediary Liability
  • FinTech and Crypto currencies

Intellectual Property

In an era where scientific and technological breakthroughs occur with stunning rapidity, we ensure that our clients’ innovations are protected against unfair encroachment. Striking that delicate balance between intellectual property rights and freedom to innovate is no mean feat, but our lawyers with years of experience in intellectual property law are well up to the task. The breadth of their expertise will see to it that innovations are given the legal protection they deserve, and that innovators get recognized for their work.

  • Copyright Registration and Licensing
  • Trademark Registration and Opposition
  • Patent Advisory

Technology Policy

The regulatory environment within which the technology sector functions plays a crucial role in shaping growth paradigms. Few understand this better than we do, as we have worked extensively with law and policy makers in moulding this environment over the years. Our clients benefit from our in-depth understanding of applicable legal and policy imperatives, making it easy for them to stay compliant at all levels. We also help our clients make themselves heard at the relevant policy discourses, so that the regulatory regime evolves in an equitable way.

  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Internet regulatory landscape
  • Encryption and Cyber-Security

General Corporate Advisory

We help our corporate clients - small, medium or large - work through the vast array of compliance requirements, starting with the Companies Act. We also advise on other aspects of corporate law, including identifying ideal corporate structures, incorporation and obtaining necessary regulatory/tax registrations.

  • Incorporation for startups
  • User Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Non Disclosure Agreements

Litigation & Arbitration

When push comes to shove, having a team of lawyers who can expertly navigate the complexities of dispute resolution can make all the difference. Drawing from their years of experience engaging with various judicial and arbitral forums, our lawyers offer assistance at every step of the dispute resolution process – all the way from drafting/filing to advancing arguments. We leave no stone unturned in protecting our clients’ interests, and we distinguish ourselves with impeccable research and sound strategy.

  • Safe Harbor and Intermediary Liability Litigation
  • Privacy Litigation
  • IP litigation
  • Commercial Arbitration